Supply & Demand Forex Trading

Financial markets are predominantly driven by supply and demand principles. Discover the simple but powerful powerful supply & demand forex trading methodology that will totally change your trading approach to the forex market!

*Enrolment closes 31st October 2020. The next enrolment begins 2021

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Why Choose Trading180?


Join the trade room community and get FULL access to the supply and demand trading strategies, including stop hunt manipulation & Capture Pain Relief Location technical analysis strategies. 


Earn as you learn! Get daily technical analysis on daily Supply & demand zones, Capture Pain Relief location & stop hunt manipulation trade setups. 


Join the weekly live trading group call via GoToMeeting and get expert analysis both current technical and fundamental trade setups.


The Trading180 simplifies the complex fundamental process by identifying the strongest & weakest currencies based on market-moving macroeconomic data such as GDP, Interest rates and inflation.   


Get Trading180's FREE candlestick entry indicator and save time identifying the best trade entries.


How Soon Will I Receive The Supply & demand Course Once I Subscribe?

Instantly. After you have completed payment, you will be taken to a secure page where you will be able to access the supply and demand forex trading course and access the discord coaching group.

What does the Discord group coaching include?

The Discord coaching group is where you will access to the supply & demand zone trading course as well as the stop hunt manipulation and capture pain relief location trading strategies. Along side the technical analysis courses, you will have access to trading psychology videos, weekly COT analysis and regularly updated advanced fundamental and risk sentiment videos. I post daily market analysis and trade setups (including CPR location and stop hunt market manipulations) in the discord group as well as answer all questions regarding technical analysis & fundamental and risk sentiment analysis. You will also have access to a weekly live group trading call via where you can ask questions on course material, trade setups and much more. You will also get access to the Trading180 fundamental analysis currency spreadsheet which identifies the best currency pair to trade based on a countries economic strength and central bank monetary policy (see pic below).

How does your course material differ from what's already publicly available?

The supply & demand course material covers some of the topics as the YouTube channel but on a much, much deeper level but a large amount of the course material is not on YouTube. Key pieces of strategic information (and indicators) are reserved for the course and will never be revealed on YouTube or any social media platform.

How do I cancel my memership subscription?

Please email at least 48 hours before your monthy/quarterly subscription renewal requesting your cancellation.

Is your supply and demand zone course suitable for beginners?

Traders must have an intermediate understanding of technical analysis i.e. candlestick charts, support & resistance etc. At least 6 months trading experience is necessary.

Why is your course not available 365 days of the year?

Opening the course at certain times of the year allows new members to who enrol to start their journey and learn with other like minded traders. Group learning, where students begin learning a subject at the same time, has major benefits to improving the educational process. Allowing traders to join at anytime is not as productive as scheduled enrolment. Imagine if the school system allowed students to start the academic year at different times? How chaotic and unproductive would that be for students and lecturers?

Why do you have a selection process?

I only want mentor hard working individuals who have the right mindset and trading experience.

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Membership access closes 31st October 2020. The next enrolment begins 2021





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"Leon is a phenomenal teacher, his supply and demand methodology is the most comprehensive and easy to understand I've come across and the mentoring sessions with him are quality as well, his dedication to his students, quick to reply whatever questions you ask him with a video analysis and always insisting on waiting for price and fundamentals to align to get the best setups has turned me into a profitable trader within this few months of being with him. This is by far the best forex education there is out there and for me the investment has been well worth it."
—  Fitz T

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