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Before You Become A Member...

The Trading180 approach to forex trading is not a simple 'copy and paste' strategy. Traders are mentored on how to combine fundamental and risk sentiment analysis with supply and demand technical strategies so they can become independent. I do not provide trade signals. The Trading180 method of trading the forex markets requires time, focus and hard work. To stand any chance of getting positive trading results, traders must be prepared to learn and consistently apply fundamental and risk sentiment analysis concepts, advanced trading psychology processes in addition to the supply and demand technical analysis strategies.
Please continue to become a member if you agree with ALL of the following points:
  • As a part of the Trading180 Supply & Demand traders group, you will gain access to trade secrets you won't find anywhere else. Do you agree to keep this information confidential?
  • Do you agree to have your basic needs covered before joining so you are not under financial strain while learning to trade the forex market?
  • Do you agree that trading is NOT a 'get rich quick scheme' and that you have to apply patience, hard work and discipline to stand any chance of trading successfully?
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